Bahram Hajou | About

b. 1952 - Deruna, Syria
The artist lives and works in Munster, Germany

Bahram Hajou’s art explores themes of social and personal consciousness, connection and disconnection. His art does not apply itself to the rules of space and time, as his subjects are suspended in space. This lack of a definitive space and time allows Hajou’s art to become timeless, as it transcends boundaries set by conventions. Instead, Hajou’s art renders itself to the viewer and thus his art becomes personally confrontational as his subjects directly face the viewer and demand a conversation.

Hajou’s art tells the tale of a certain alienation... one that is felt through the canvas.  The viewer is faced with a gaze coming from the canvas as the figures begin a dialogue with the audience. Some works of art display lovers, in some cases, they are in a loving embrace, whereas in others their relationship is marked by the distance between them. As viewers, we are left to think of our own relationship with our loved ones. We are left to think of our own personal alienation and detachment, both on the micro and macro scale. We are left with our role in society, and the way we interact with those around us. 

Bahram Hajou left his homeland in Syria when he was just 20 and went to Baghdad to study at the Fine Arts Academy there, after which he moved to Prague and later to East and West Berlin before settling down and completing his studies in Muenster, Germany. 
His love for drawing led him to study archaeology and after finishing his art studies to working as a freelance artist in 1989.
Hajou participated in various exhibitions in Germany, Mexico, France, Syria and the UAE, and was honored with an exhibition at the Salon d’Automne, one of the most prestigious galleries in Paris. His first exhibition was held in 1983 in Germany, followed by others in the UK, Hungary and New York. 


1978 - 1984 Studied at the Fine Arts Academy, Dusseldorf, Germany
1984 - Graduated from the Art Academy Munster, Germany

Auction Result Announcement

Vigorous sale at Binoche NY November 25, 2018

An auction record was set for Bahram Hajou (German) 1952 Neo-Expressionist.

His paintings are in the properties of public institutions and private collectors, celebrated across Nations and civilization.

Bahram Hajou was awarded first price in several museums.

Bahram at the right time and place achieved record prices at Binoche auctions Nov 25.

Bahram Hajou’s (German) lot #222

Title: Frau | 1997 | Mixed Media on Canvas | 47.2"x 49.4 "

Estimated: $18,000 - $25,000 was sold for $75,000

His other work lot #380  

Title: Crucifixion | 1990 | Mixed Media on Canvas

Estimated: $40,000 - $60,000 was sold for $106,250

Above prices included Buyers Premium

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