Nadia Safieddine | About

Lebanese painter born in Dakar, Senegal 1973, she is a post war Contemporary artist.

In order to better understand Nadia’s oeuvre, one needs to become aware of her pursuit of music. The canvas becomes her musical note book where she composes her sonatas of chromatic color notes and pitches in each brush stroke. 

In 1997 she obtained her Diploma in Painting, University of Fine Arts, Beirut (Lebanon), she has been working and living between Berlin, Germany and Beirut, Lebanon. Safieddine is member of the BBK.

Recognised for her wide brush strokes that are thickly impastoed, her subjects vary between figurative and landscape.  Safieddine is an expressionist.

Safieddine’s work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries in Berlin, Germany; New York, U.S.A; Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Beirut, Lebanon. Furthermore she participated in art fairs in Singapore and Beirut. And she participated in the following Projects: The ”Light”, Project with Katharina Lattermann (Performance), Joelle Khoury (Music, extract from “Dream She Is“), Nadia Safieddine (Painting, Sculpture, Video), Schloss Altranft (Germany),  Performance “out of paradise” 3 & 4, with Katharina Lattermann, Grass ’n Asphalt, K-Salon, Berlin, (Germany),  Performance”out of paradise” 1 & 2, wth Katharina Lattermann, Festival de performance, 2ème edition: ‚preavis de desordre urbain‘, Marseille (France),  Visuals & Videoprojection „Autorikontsert Jüri Reinvere”, Nicholas Church, Estonian Music Festival 2008, Tallin (Estonia),  “Aiguë sur Aigus”, Painting and Music, Project with Kasuga Nakamatsu (Composition and musical performance), Galerie Talmart, Paris (France), “Threshold”, Project with Robert Hogervorst (Painting), Silke Tinsner (Performance), Noha Obeid (Sculpture), ensemble OriginalTon (Music), Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin (Germany).