Nabil Shehadeh | About

Born in Jerusalem in 1949, Nabil Shehadeh studied art in London, obtaining a Diploma from the Chelsea School of Art and Design in 1975. He has held several solo exhibitions in England, Italy, Jordan, Switzerland, the USA and Canada. Shehadeh participated in numerous group exhibitions, notably at the Barbican Art Centre in London, the Asilah Art Festival in Morocco and at the Grand Palais in Paris. He received the Traviso Award at the Corolla d'Oro Festival in Italy in 1989. He lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


"The works of artist Nabil Shahadeh can be found somewhere between the mysterious charm of nature and the complications of human life. They express fear and frustration and show endless creativity . . . . His formations are based on broken layers and levels strongly interlaced with light. An onlooker can only be fascinated with the torn synthesis and colour tensions in his paintings. They reveal a sentimental drive that discovers space and launches it into vaster horizons. There are deep meditations in his paintings, wounds in the memory, destroyed and empty buildings and solid colour spaces."


Eros Bellinelli