Yasser Safi | About

Yasir was born in Qamishli, Syria in 1976. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Engraving and Printing, Damascus, Syria in 1997.

He received his postgraduate Diploma in Engraving from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria in 1999.

Yasser Safi's beings seem as if they would like to live in a state of sustainable confusion, expressed by a stream of chaos within a reality that the artist said, "collapses because of power struggles, so that absurdity becomes a basic carrier, in which divergent elements that belong only to itself overlap."

It is then, a reality that is not characterized by stability and strength, so much so, that its characters can hardly stand firmly on the ground. They are human beings and mutants, of short stature, closer to dolls than they are to living creatures. They move in dramatic scenes, which are nothing but spaces without spaciousness, rippling and pulsating with conflict, perhaps in order to acquire positions from which immunization and protection are sought, or the desire for self-affirmation and influence the other.

The artist describes the elements of his work as "divergent, belonging only to itself", which is then the isolation and selfishness of the being, and its focus on itself, which is what forms the focus of the artist's interests within the collection of this exhibition that is distinguished by its delicate lines and high expressionism.