Wedad Alnasser | About

Wedad Alnasser is a Jordanian, born in Amman , artist, actress & photographer.with a master degree in law . Her work conveys the  battleground of inner self and the need for belonging ,and the psychological impact of modernity that triggers the disconnection between self and space  ,and her own interpretation of social ties and  human behavior  concealed with consumption as a way of identification, inspired by a past rooted with inked faces  .       .


2021 art moment Jakarta,Indonesia
2021 Dar Art fair Amman Jordan   

2019 Inauguration, Q0DE, Amman, Jordan
2019 PLAS 2019, galerie bruno massa, Seoul, South Korea
2019 Art Amoy, galerie bruno massa, Xiamen, China
2019 Contemporary Art Fair Paris, galerie bruno massa, Paris, France
2019 Asia Contemporary Art Show, galerie bruno massa, Hong Kong, S.A.R of China
2019 ArtBAB, galerie bruno massa, Manama, Bahrain
2019 Art-Future, galerie bruno massa, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 Blue Art Fair, galerie bruno massa, Busan, South Korea
2018 Art Expo Malaysia, galerie bruno massa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2018 Art Jakarta, galerie bruno massa, Jakarta, Indonesia
2018 Philadelphia Forum for Arts, Philadelphia, USA
2018 ArtBAB, galerie bruno massa, Manama, Bahrain

2017 Exile @Nofa Creative Space, solo exhibition, Amman, Jordan
2017 Painted Red @Jaracanda Images, Amman, Jordan

2016 Residency for Arts, Yinchuan, China

2015 Cannes film festival Degrade film ,France 

2015 Jordanian Vision, Venice, Italy
2015 The European Book Art Biennale, Bucharest, Romania
2015 Art Warning the World by Klaus Guingand at The Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2015 International Artist Book Exhibition, Bank Street Arts Gallery, Sheffield, UK

2014 Turmoil X, Mojo Gallery, Dubai, UAE
2014 Almarkhiya Gallery, Doha, Qatar
2014 Atelier Al Asmakh 5, Qatar, Doha
2014 The 1st Arab Youth Symposium, Qatar, Doha

2013 Trace, Zara Center Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2013 Personal Histories, Red Land Museum, Cleveland, Australia
2013 Mail Art Installation, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, Canada
2013 International Artist Book Exhibition, Bank Street Arts Gallery, Sheffield, UK
2013 Participation at Yarmouk University in the Eight Conference of Contemporary Arab Art, Amman, Jordan
2013 Jordanian Artists Association, Amman, Jordan

2012 Art & Nature Symposium Tallromman with Jordan National Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2012 7x7 CAB Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2011 Almahres Symposium  .Tunisia